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Boise Chiropractor | Kevin G. Hearon, D.C., CCEP, CCSP

I grew up around chiropractic and saw what it could do for me and my parents.

Dr. Kevin Hearon

Dr. Kevin Hearon

It wasn’t until I hurt myself playing intramural football at the University of Hawaii that I saw a chiropractor who fixed my injury and asked “Why don’t you become a chiropractor?”. I laughed! I was in the school of tropical agriculture on my way to become an Agriculture Economist. Then I proceeded to write out my goals in life and saw that chiropractic was the best fit for my future life. I liked the idea of helping people with natural healing and I could use it anywhere in the world.

Chiropractic Education

I was accepted into Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa which is the “Fountain Head” of all chiropractic institutions. The four years of medical classes emphasizing the neuro-musculoskeletal system was an eye opener on how the body communicates with itself and heals itself.

I personally got to apply these concepts while at school due to the real life injuries occurring while I was playing Rugby on a full scholarship. It was amazing how injuries recovered so much faster under chiropractic care.

I Do More Than Provide Chiropractic Care

As a result of athletics my education expanded into sport medicine and the diagnosis and treatment of not only the spine but also the extremities. This allowed me to treat the whole body and understand the interrelationships of the arms and legs to the spine. The protocols I developed for injuries caught the attention of the colleges and I was soon pushed into lecturing and writing books on the subject that are still being used around the world today. My students range from recreational team doctors all the way up to many of the Professional teams you see on TV in many countries.

On a personal note…

To stay grounded, with my wonderful wife and two boys, I love to go off road motorcycling, camping, hiking, bicycling, hunting and running. There are many opportunities for recreation in the mountains and rivers of Idaho and we enjoy the variety.

Even though we treat many difficult cases from other doctors, we also enjoy the typical everyday unexpected problems that occur during life and handle those with ease and efficiency. Call our Boise chiropractic office to see what a modern doctor can do to speed your recovery.

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