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About Boise Sports Chiropractic Clinic

Boise Sports Chiropractic Clinic was established in 1995. The Boise area was preferred because it is a great place to live and raise a family, especially for someone who enjoys many outdoor activities from hunting to dirt-bike riding. The weather fit the Hearon family lifestyle, and easy access to an airport made traveling easy for Dr. Hearon’s lecturing career.

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Relief or wellness care… it’s your choice.

Our Philosophy

We strive to view each person as a whole unit, not just a spine. Why do you have back pain? Why do you only hold your adjustment for two days? We strive to find the root causes of questions like this everyday in our practice. Perhaps your low back pain is the result of an anatomically short leg, or the problem lies lower in the kinetic chain, such as your feet. With any problem you enter our office with, we strive to find the root cause, and address that, not just adjust the painful area. It is our goal to make people less reliant on us to adjust them. While we do believe very strongly in the power of chiropractic, we like to see our patients maintain their adjustments so they can lead a pain free active and healthy lifestyle on their own terms.

Bottom line is that we believe people should live healthy, and have strong bodies into old age, without needing artificial parts. Boise Sports Chiropractic Clinic will help you achieve optimal health!

Chiropractic Care is Right for You!

Patients who get the best results in our office are the ones who are striving to better themselves. We really enjoy people who seek out natural ways to treat issues and attempt to avoid drugs and surgery when possible. It is very motivating when people take their health into their own hands. We attempt to facilitate this process by administering conservative treatments and educating people how to improve themselves at home. The patients who are most willing to follow care plans, both in our office and at home/work, will typically see the greatest benefits.

What Makes Boise Sports Chiropractic Clinic Unique

Our practice is unique in the amount of time we spend with people. A first visit spine patient is scheduled for a full hour with the doctor, in addition to the time spent with staff. We work to find the root causes of your issues and address them. This may include chiropractic adjusting, nutritional counseling, orthotics, and possibly referrals to other health care professionals if necessary. If you don’t want to feel like you are being processed through an adjusting factory, our office is for you.

Many Services Under One Roof

We are highly specialized in treating sports and occupational injuries to all of the extremities. We offer full spine manual adjusting based on muscle testing and we have an onsite x-ray unit for your convenience. In addition to quality chiropractic care, we have several different ways of creating custom/functional feet orthotics. Finally, we carry braces and tape in stock to stabilize various joints as well as nutritional supplements to save you an additional stop elsewhere.

Visit Us Today!

With her welcoming personality, April will greet you when you enter our office. We strive to make each and every patient feel like they are at home during their visits. Will you become a part of our chiropractic family? Call Boise Sports Chiropractic Clinic today to make an appointment!

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