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Occupational Injuries

Generically speaking, there are two different classes of occupational injuries. One type follows some level of (minor or major) trauma. For example, a worker falls from a step-stool and injures a shoulder. The second type of injury is more accumulative in nature. This type of injury occurs from repetitive stresses to the body, such as typing for hours every day at the computer (may cause wrist pain or tingling).

The injury via trauma class is treated much like any other injury. We will evaluate the painful area and the surrounding joints to find the root cause of the pain, and offer treatments without drugs or surgery to relieve the pain and restore proper function. When needed, we can make referrals to other medical professionals.

The accumulative injuries require two phases of care. The first is to work to relieve the pain or symptoms. This may be very quick and simple, or may take some longer period of time. It largely depends on how long the issue has been present. The second phase of care (which happens simultaneously) is to identify the cause of the issue. This may be postural, or a repetitive motion. The doctor will help identify which actions are to blame, and suggest possible changes or improvements to prevent recurrences of the issues.

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