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Shoulder Pain

Shoulders are really a complex group of joints that allows your arm to move with your torso as a stable base. This includes the gleno-humeral joint, A/C joint, S/C joint, and connections between the rib cage and scapula. These joints work together to provide the great mobility of the shoulder.

Unfortunately, the shoulder is one of the most common sites of injuries. Frequently the shoulder is damaged by falling on (an) out-stretched hand (FOOSH). This is a very common form of injury in sports, along with swinging, throwing, or tugging injuries.

All shoulder injuries are put through an extensive muscle testing regimen (after serious tears and other issues are ruled out). This helps determine the specific area of the shoulder complex that is causing the problem. There may be more than one problem. The shoulder contains a significant number of structures in a small area that are all susceptible to damage, so accurate diagnosis is often very important.

Adjusting the shoulder after an injury helps put the joints back in a more normalized position. This allows for better healing, and reduced the risk of recurrent shoulder injuries. Sometimes taping or bracing is utilized to support the joint while it heals. Therapies and rehab exercises may be added to speed the healing process along, and to prevent future injuries.

These methods have helped many NEW and OLD injuries.

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