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Sports Injuries

Many people, young and old, enjoy a wide variety of sports and activities. Some enjoy the competitiveness, while others participate for the social aspects. There are adventure seekers, and those who exercise to stay healthy. Athletic and active people, from those trying to keep up with the kids, to the weekend warriors, to high school and collegiate athletes, and even elite professional athletes frequently suffer varying degrees of injuries during the activities they love.

While we love working with all types of people who wish to better their health, it is especially enjoyable for us to treat sports related injuries (so much so that we put it in our name: Boise SPORTS Chiropractic Clinic).

We can help identify and diagnose injuries that may seem minor, and help prevent them from becoming larger issues later on. Often times we can get people back to their activity or sport faster than the “wait till it feels better” treatment plan.

What many people may not know is that chiropractic can help improve athletic performance. Adjustments help the body’s nervous system work more efficiently, and relieve stresses from irritated joints. Many professional athletes have credited their chiropractors to extending their careers and keeping them healthy!!

Call our office to see if we can help with a new or old injury, without the use of drugs or surgery.

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