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Wrist Pain

The wrist is a complex group of 8 “carpal” bones that allow motion between the forearm and hand. Ligaments are responsible for maintaining the shape of the carpal arch, as there is minimal musculature in the area. Falling and landing on the area, hitting, and repetitive motions can all lead to wrist pain.

Your chiropractor can help rule out serious concerns such as fracture. We then muscle test the area, and possibly measure grip strength. Detected weaknesses are frequently caused be carpal bones being out of alignment, which is quickly corrected by a simple adjustment. Taping, bracing and postural coaching can all benefit an achy wrist.

We also utilize Dynaflex therapy gyroballs for take home rehab. There are several other exercises that may be done at home with simple items like rubber bands that can help strengthen the hand and wrist.

See also: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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