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Welcome to Boise Sports Chiropractic Clinic

Sports or Occupational Injury? Chiropractor in Boise Has the Solution!

If you are looking for a non-surgical, drug-free treatment of a sports or occupational injury, Boise Sports Chiropractic Clinic is the Boise Chiropractor who can help. We are experts in extremities as well as full spine manual adjusting to correct subluxations and strengthen the body, which relieves pain as well as helping the body heal after injury.

Keeping You Healthy

“It’s one thing to help a patient heal after injury, but we are also concerned with helping our patients maintain their health and prevent future injuries. That’s why we offer custom functional orthotics, as well as braces and specialized taping (Elastikon and Kinesiotape). We also offer ARPwave therapy, which is conducted under a doctor’s supervision, and nutritional supplements.”

Take the Next Step at Boise Sports Chiropractic Clinic

Looking for a chiropractor in Boise is the first step on your health to wellness… now take the next step towards your optimal health and wellness by calling Boise Sports Chiropractic Clinic today to make an appointment! Our patients are glad they did!

Dr. Kevin Hearon | Boise Chiropractor | Phone: (208) 377-9930