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What to Expect

You will be greeted with a smile as soon as you walk through our door. Our patients are always welcome to bring a family members or friends with them, and have them in the room during the exams and treatments if they choose to. They must be capable of remaining still, and remaining quiet. They are allowed to ask questions.

First Visit

Front Desk at Boise Sports Chiropractic ClinicOn a patient’s first visit they will be greeted by our friendly medical assistant Shawna . Shawna will assist them in filling out 5-10 minutes of new patient paperwork, and answer any questions about billing.

Shawna will then escort the patient back to an examination room, where she will conduct a brief introductory interview. At this time the patient will highlight their primary reasons for coming into the clinic. Shawna will then ask the patient to remain in the room for the doctor to enter, this wait is typically brief.

If the patient has brought any prior imaging or other medical testing with them, the doctor will review it at this time. Then one of our chiropractors will enter and greet the patient. A more in depth history will be completed by the doctor, and the patient will have an opportunity to voice any concerns or medical history that they deem to be important.

After the interview, the doctor will determine whether you are a candidate for treatment at our office, and tell the patient how likely they are to be helped by our services. The doctor will then collaborate with the patient to choose the right course of care.

Back PatientsShow More

All new patients to our office over the age of 18 will require x-ray examinations on the areas of the spine they wish to have treated (we do accept x-rays from other locations, depending on age and injuries since last films). We do not utilize gowns in our office. The patient will be provided with a pair of gym shorts and a T-shirt (unless they are wearing something comparable). The patient will be asked to change and open the door when ready.

At this time, the doctor and Shawna will bring the patient to the back of the clinic to our x-ray room. The patient will be measured and the films are taken. Shawna will then begin to develop the films while the patient and doctor return to the exam room. A thorough exam will begin that includes neurological testing, orthopedic testing, and muscle testing on the areas of concerns. During the course of the exam, Shawna will return to the room to inform the doctor that the x-rays are developed. After finishing the exam, the doctor will go and do an initial viewing of the x-ray films.

Upon returning to the exam room where the patient is waiting, the doctor will discuss any contraindications to adjusting based on the exam and x-ray. The doctor will then explain the possible benefits and risks of getting adjusted, and what to expect for first time chiropractic patients.

The patient will again have the opportunity to ask for any clarifications on the treatment methods, and will grant, deny or modify the doctor permission to continue with the adjustments. The adjustments are performed, followed by retesting of any muscles that showed up as weak in the exam. This generally ends the first visit, and the patient then returns to their own clothing and returns to the reception area.

At this point, a second follow up visit (2 days later if possible) is scheduled with Shawna. The doctor may give some general home care advice, depending on the patient’s chief complaints for the visit. The visit will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Feet Patients Show More

For patients with foot, ankle, shin, knee, hip, or low back pain, the doctors frequently begin treatment by addressing the feet. In such cases, the patient is instructed on the phone when scheduling to bring in their most common footwear.

After the interview, foot patients are brought out (in regular clothes) to the foot pedestal portion of our office. They will sit on this pedestal as the doctor performs a thorough foot exam, while explaining how the feet function and absorb shock from our daily habits. There are models and pictures to assist in explanations, and the patients are encouraged to ask questions if they do not understand something.

During the exam, it is determined whether or not the patient needs functional custom made orthotics, special shock absorbing shoes, or generic “out of the box” orthotics. These options and prices are then discussed with the patient. Before we scan, cast, or mold any functional custom orthotic, we always adjust the feet to restore normal joint motion. This ensures that any orthotics created are made to a normal foot, and not a painful/pathological foot.

The risks and benefits of adjusting the foot are discussed with the patient, and they choose whether or not to proceed with this method of care, and if yes, choose the orthotic or shoe that best fits their needs/budget. The treatment chosen is completed, and the patient is rescheduled for a follow-up in one week. The visit will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Extremity Patients Show More

Patients who present with an extremity problem only, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, will being the examination immediately following the doctor’s interview and history. X-rays may be taken at this time if deemed necessary, but are generally not taken for extremity issues that do not have a trauma component.

This exam will include muscle testing in the area, and orthopedic testing. It will then be determined whether or not our office can help with the condition. Treatment frequently includes adjusting the joint. Then another round of muscle testing will take place to determine the patient’s ability to “hold” the adjustment.

Patients who cannot maintain the adjustment are deemed to have instability in that joint. This may be addressed via a brace, or a taping. Such stabilizing devices typically must be worn 2-12 weeks, most frequently in the 6 week range. Tape jobs must be repeated 2 times per week.

After treatment, the patient will return to the reception area with the doctor. Typically reschedule for several days later to follow up on taping, or up to 2 weeks later for other minor issues. The visit will last approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

Waiting Room at Boise Sports Chiropractic Clinic

Second Visit

Here is what you can expect during your second visit for each type of treatment.

Back Patients Show More

The second visit for spine patients takes about 30 minutes.

Upon arrival, the patient will be greeted by Shawna, and taken to our room with an X-ray light box. The treating doctor will have a printed Report of findings to go over with the patient, based on the initial visit exam. The patient will get a chance to view the x-rays taken of their spine. The doctor will explain how the films correlate with the patient’s symptoms.

Some patients may receive a heel lift, exercises, or stretches that they can utilize at home to improve their condition. At this time, the doctor will recommend the frequency and number of visits it will likely to take to resolve the issues. If the patient chooses to continue with care, they will then receive their second adjustment at this time.

Then the patient and doctor will return to the front desk where Shawna will schedule them for remaining visits. There are no long term treatment plans, and no commitments. Our office is strictly pay-as-you-go, quit if and when you want.

Feet Patients Show More

On the follow-up visit for the feet, the patient is greeted by Shawna, and placed on the foot pedestal.

The patient will then be met by the doctor who will ask about the progress from the previous week, and how any new shoes or orthotics are working for the patient. Any modifications to the orthotic or shoe will be done at this time to make them more comfortable to the patient. If the patient had ordered a type of orthotic that had to be created or ordered outside of the office, it will be fitted to the patient during this visit.

The doctor will then check the patient’s foot to see if the adjustments are holding. If needed, an additional adjustment will be done on this visit. The patient will be taken back to the reception desk where Shawna will schedule any follow-up visits.

Extremity Patients: Show More

The patient will be greeted by Shawna at the front desk, who will place the patient in the appropriate treatment room. The doctor will enter shortly thereafter and ask the patient about progress since the previous visit.

Muscle testing of the treated area will likely be performed to see if the adjustment is holding. The bracing or taping will be evaluated for its effectiveness in treating the injury. If needed, another adjustment will be performed at this time. Taping will be reapplied if it is part of the treatment plan. This will conclude the visit and the patient will be returned to the reception area where they will reschedule with Shawna if needed.

Regular Visits

Chiropractic Adjustments with Dr. HearonYour regular visits will be much quicker than the first two visits. Below you can learn about your regular visits according to the treatment you are receiving.

Back Patients Show More

On a typical spine visit, the patient is greeted at the front desk by Shawna, and placed into the proper adjusting room where they will wait briefly for the doctor. The doctor will enter and ask the patient about their progress since the last visit, and if there have been any new or aggravating events contributing to their back pain.

The patient will then be placed on the table and lowered down. Full spine adjusting typically begins with the neck, and is followed by muscle testing for the low back screening. The patient is then stood up and turned to face down on the table, and re-lowered. The adjustment will be completed and the patient will be retested for any weaknesses found in the muscle testing.

This concludes the typical visit, and the doctor will walk out with the patient to reception where they will be rescheduled if necessary. This visit is typically 15 minutes or less.

Feet Patients Show More

There is typically only one follow-up appointment for feet patients unless the progress is slower than expected.

However, some patients choose to maintain their progress by keeping an appointment every 3-6 months. In this case, the patient will enter, and Shawna will place them on a foot pedestal. A new foot exam only needs to be performed every 2-3 years depending on a patients age and activity level, or new symptoms. The doctor will come and ask about the progress of the patient relative to last visit, and proceed to adjust the feet.

This would end a typical visit treatment. However, the patient may schedule extra time to have a 2nd (or 3rd etc.) pair of orthotics or shoes fit to their feet. The visit concludes with returning to reception with April, where the patient will be rescheduled if needed. This visit is typically 15 minutes or less.

Extremity Patients Show More

In the case of an extremity patient, they will arrive and be met by Shawna at reception. Shawna will escort the patient into the proper room, where he/she will wait briefly for the doctor.

The doctor will enter and ask the patient about their progress relative to last visit. Generally the affected area will be taken through the muscle testing screens, checking for weaknesses. If needed, an adjustment will be given, and any therapies/taping will be done at this time.

The doctor will escort the patient back out to reception where they will be rescheduled, if needed, with Shawna. This visit is typically 15 minutes or less.


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