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Chiropractic care helps with many conditions far beyond the ones listed below. Our goal to to help you get well and stay well. Visit Boise Sports Chiropractic Clinic today to see what sets us apart from other Boise Chiropractors and then give us a call at (208) 377-9930 to begin your journey toward health!

Foot Pain

Foot showing Heel painFoot pain is a frequent problem in our country, largely due to the hard surfaces society has produced for people to stand on (concrete, asphalt, hardwood/tile floors, etc). Athletes can also develop foot pain due to the large amount of impact imposed into the feet with explosive movements, like sprinting and jumping. We specialize in treating biomechanical foot pain in our office. We have a very thorough foot exam process which patients find very informative and educational. The 26 bones of the feet are then adjusted (as needed) to restore normal joint motion. To support the now properly functioning feet, we may scan, cast, or mold a custom made functional orthotic to your feet. We also have some specialized shoes that are occasionally recommended. Our unique drug and surgery free process to treating the feet has excellent success rates, and frequently has added benefits of reducing shin, knee, hip, and low back pain that may also be present.

Shoulder Injuries

Many people today have new or old injuries to their shoulders that can lead to chronic pain, numbness/burning/tingling, or reduced range of motion without proper intervention. Shoulder injuries are common in throwing sports, racket sports, and many activities where the athlete has the chance of falling (skateboarding, football, gymnastics, etc). Often times, shoulder injuries can be successfully treated without drugs or surgeries. After an exam in our office, we may offer different combinations of treatments including adjusting the shoulder or surrounding joints and taping or bracing the shoulder. This combination of treatments has been very successful in increasing both range of motion and stability in many shoulder joints. These treatments can be tailored to high level competitive athletes or someone who has been less active.

Leg showing knee pain

Knee Pain

Knee pain without a history of injury is becoming more prevalent in our country, and is being designated as osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease. There must be a biomechanical cause for the degeneration (absent a disease process). Acute knee injuries may also occur in almost any weight bearing sport. These typically come about from twisting a knee, hyper-extending a knee, or having direct trauma (such as might occur in a tackle). We conservatively treat acute and chronic knees without drugs and surgery. Knee pain (without) injury is rarely caused by the knees themselves, but rather is indicative of a problem with the low back (which controls the muscles surrounding the knee) or the kinetic chain beginning in the feet.

Acute and chronic knees may benefit from adjusting, taping, bracing, prescribed exercises, and/or therapies. Schedule a free consultation with our office to determine if one of our treatment methods can help with your knee issues.

Ankle Sprain

Ankle sprains are among the most common injuries that occur in athletics. A sprain is an overstretching of a soft tissue that holds bone in place (called a ligament). By definition then, a sprain occurs when to bones are pulled out of place. A typical treatment for a minor sprain would be to ice and stay off of it until it feels better. Has anyone ever put the bone back in place so that the ligament can heal in normal position and length? That is what we do at our clinic. Restore the bones to normal position to allow them to heal. If this is not done, ankles can develop a propensity to become “loose” feeling and frequently get sprained. This simple treatment can have big effects in the long term health of your joints.

Chiropractic Helps Numerous Conditions

We specialize in treating Extremity issues, including: TMJ pain, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles, shin pain, and feet.

We believe in viewing the body as a whole. While treating the spine is very important (especially to chiropractors), we go beyond this scope of treating. Spinal issues can affect your extremities, and vice versa. Dr. Hearon specializes in diagnosing, and conservatively treating many common issues. We like to spend extra time with patients in our examinations, which pays dividends in our treatments. If you have ever been told that you have an injury, and to “just stay off it until it feels better,” we may be able to help you.


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