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What to Expect at Foot Professional

Welcome to our state-of-the-art foot care center in Boise. We want you to know exactly what to expect when you come in to be evaluated so that you can feel confident in choosing us as your foot care specialists. You will find that our approach is the gold standard in foot care; we know that our diagnostic technology will be the right fit for you.

Your first visit will take approximately 45 minutes.

Step One

When you first come to Foot Professional to correct your gait or foot dynamics, we have confidence in our ability to help. Whether the issue is restricted to the feet or has already spread to include the ankle, knee, hip and low back you will find that our examination procedures are detailed and conclusive.

We’ll start by a thorough assessment of your feet on a specially designed foot pedestal. The examination will be followed by an explanation of the different issues that you are facing, and will continue to face as time progresses if left untreated. Following your evaluation, Dr. Hearon will present the customized options that we have available to meet your unique needs.

Step Two

This second step is a critical one, and will make all the difference in your successful outcome: Dr. Hearon will correct the structural integrity of each foot before scanning, casting or molding the shoe or orthotic. This precise chiropractic extremity adjusting of the foot joints will provide optimal function and alignment on each side. We want to make an orthotic to your normal foot – not your bad foot.

Step Three

Depending on your needs, Dr. Hearon will now scan, mold, cast or modify corrective aids to maintain proper foot alignment. These aids include

  • Customized insoles for shoes or sandals.
  • Footwear created specifically for you.
  • Many styles and brands of orthotics for shoes or sandals.

Follow-up Visit

Dr. Hearon will meet with you to determine your progress to date with your new orthotics or shoes. Any modifications that are needed will be done at this time to make the shoes or inserts more comfortable. If you ordered a type of orthotic that had to be created or ordered outside the office, it would be fitted to you during this visit.

Your feet will also be checked to be sure they remain in optimal function and alignment.

We Balance the Body Through the Feet and Extremities

Once you begin wearing your new inserts or orthotics, it will take about three weeks for the lower back region to stabilize in relationship to the feet. Your body will begin to experience more energy and less mechanical stress. If you’re an athlete, you will usually find yourself performing at an incredibly high level.

When the structures of the feet are aligned optimally, any adjustments made to the spine or any other extremities will usually have a lasting effect. Are you struggling with foot pain or plantar fasciitis? Contact our office today!


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