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Our Foot Care Services in Boise

OrthoticsFoot Professional offers the following unique services in their state-of-the-art facility:

  • Cutting-edge diagnostic testing to determine the source of your foot problems
  • Precise adjustment of the joints of each foot to optimize alignment and shape of the foot before making orthotics.
  • Choices in molding, casting, scanning and modification technology
  • Foam-cast inserts
  • Generic orthotics
  • Injectable orthotics
  • Scan-produced orthotics
  • Shoes designed for specific issues (Pronation, supination or shock absorption)

Challenges to Healthy Foot Alignment

In today’s world, we face different challenges regarding foot health than people did many years ago. These trials occur because we walk primarily on hard surfaces, such as asphalt, hardwood floors and concrete. Here are some of the outcomes that people develop long before they ever come to us for help:

  • They suffer from years of foot abuse. This painful damage occurs because of misaligned joints in the foot itself, combined with ill-fitting or inappropriate footwear.
  • Many patients endure chronic low back, hip, knee and ankle pain. It is our contention that frequent foot screenings could easily prevent 50% of the disc problems, and hip and knee replacement procedures that are so prevalent today.
  • Changes in foot mechanics at Foot Professional are quick and accurate. Educating you about wearing correct shoes that have sole lasts that match the shape of your own feet is important: they may be straight, slightly angled or boldly angled at the forefoot.
  • The development of plantar fasciitis is common. The underlying mechanical cause is usually the locking up of the 26 bones of the feet. The arch of the foot then loses its ability to glide up and down; the fascia tightens excessively and eventually tears. Restoring motion to the arch relieves the fascia tension.
  • Heel spurs can develop from the plantar fascia being stretched too tightly by failure of the arch raising up and shortening the foot. It tugs on the calcaneus bone; the result is a heel spur.

We Take Elite Athletes and Make Them More Elite

Because we fit a customized orthotic to a more normal aligned foot, body dynamics improve dramatically. This feature of our cutting-edge service helps excellent athletes become even greater athletes regarding performance, endurance and mobility.

Unfortunately, a “black hole” remains when it comes to knowledge and information about the mechanics of foot structure. Here are a few tips when it comes to selecting ideal footwear: 1) The sole last of the shoe should always match your unique foot shape; 2) A well-fitting shoe flexes where the foot flexes. This should occur at the ball of the foot; and 3) The heel counter should be firm. (At least a 5 on a scale of 1-10.).

When should you come in to have your feet screened? Just know that prevention is always better than correction. It takes a lot more effort to undo problems rather than prevent them from happening in the first place. We encourage you to contact our Boise office today; we can help you avoid surgery usually! If you need surgery we will be happy to refer you to a specialist.


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